This was written by Merlin Missy in 2007. Some references are now dated but the general advice is very good. It is used with permission. — Cygnet


This week, we turn our attention to that most desired of living options: rooming with your fellow fen. Say you’re living at home, or at school. You spend all your time online trying to find people to chat with about your latest squee. You write about it. You dream about it. You are a fan. Alas, you are most likely not surrounded by fellow fans, but instead by mundanes: those poor, deluded folks who think reality shows are more interesting than the Winchester brothers and that Friends is superior to Battlestar Galactica. We pity these people, but many of us have had to live with them during our lives. (They’re often named “Mom” and “Dad,” though not for everyone, fortunately – Dr. Merlin was raised by a mother who wrote Man From U.N.C.L.E. fanfics longhand and a father who told her Star Wars stories at bedtime.) Continue reading “”

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