The BBC has released more details about Doctor Who items available for Children in Need. In addition to autographs from Peter Davison, David Tennant, and John Barrowman to be auctioned at an unstated time, a visit to the set, to see filming, talk to the stars, and participate in creating sound effects, will be auctioned on November 15 during the Terry Wogan BBC2 radio show.

Merchandise for the Sarah Jane Adventures has begun to hit British stores. This includes a DVD of The Invasion of the Bane and novelizations of Invasion of the Bane, Revenge of the Slitheen, Eye of the Gorgon, and Warriors of Kudlak.
(Eventually, all six Sarah Jane adventures will be released as both DVDs and novelizations.) The novelizations are written by long-time Doctor Who writers such as Terrance Dicks, but they suffer from amusingly bad copyediting: in one of them, Maria is referred to as Martha!

These items join two audiobooks narrated by Elisabeth Sladen and associated toys, such as the signature Sonic Lipstick.

On the more serious side, Melissa Beattie, a Ph.D candidate at Cardiff University, is laying the groundwork for a postgraduate academic conference discussing Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Right now, questions, suggestions, and general news and discussion are being handled on the "whoniverse_conf" community on LiveJournal.