Eric Kripke offered a few words for fans worried about the direction of the show. Plus, a bit more on new characters and a casting surprise. (Spoiler warning).

The first episode of Supernatural season 3, "The Magnificent Seven," introduced Ruby (Katie Cassidy), one of two recurring female characters joining the cast of Supernatural. The Ledger recently spoke with show creator Eric Kripke and with the actress.

Cassidy mentions kick-boxing as one of the skills she had to master for the role, and adds that she's doing it in high-heels. Which is just as impractical as it sounds; Cassidy explains that while filming one scene on sand, she was allowed to wear regular shoes so she wouldn't walk funny. Some viewers welcome the idea of a female hunter with fighting skills; others feel the role will be a stereotype. While the actress is to be admired for managing to do fight scenes in spiky heels, some fans would probably prefer to see a female hunter in more practical footwear, which is more in keeping with Supernatural's gritty, dusty feel.

However, Eric Kripke had some additional words for fans who fear that the show will change too much this season. He told The Ledger that they have no intention of adding romance anytime soon. The new female characters aren't there "as accessories to the boys," and that as of halfway through the season, "there isn't so much as a friendly hug." Romance could be a possibility much later, but only "if the audience screams out for it after we've tortured them for a few years."

Meanwhile, Lauren Cohan, who will portray the mercenary Bela, shared a few thoughts with Seat42F on her character. "It is exciting to join a show that has such a great fan base and is protective of the characters," she said. "I do understand them being wary." She describes how her character frequently "messes it up" for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), and adds that Bela is a "a sneak in and out of a job and get it done" type, rather than a fighter like Ruby.

In other casting news,'s Michael Ausiello had this scoop: Sandra McCoy (Cry Wolf), Jared Padalecki's significant other, will portray a Crossroads Demon in an upcoming episode.

Supernatural airs on The CW at 9ET/8CT.