Author Molly Ivins died today at her home in Texas after a lengthy battle with breast cancer.  She was 62.

Ivins was best known as a political pundit, proud to be a liberal and a friend to liberals (not always the same thing).  Her biting wit and sharp insights made her a legendary name among politcal junkies.  Her early career in Minnesota later boomed into notoriety when she became an editor for the Texas Observer.
  She was often critical of the establishment, and was one of George W. Bush's staunchest foes both during his time as Governor of Texas and as President.  Ivins was a close friend of recently-deceased former Governor Ann Richards, of whom she wrote a lovelymemorial.   In 2005, she wrote, "I have loved America all my life, even though I have often disagreed with the government."  As a simple epitaph, it's fitting.

She will be missed.