Big names and villains from the Doctor's past are coming to Series 3 (Series 29 to the old school fans) of the cult favorite BBC program. Who fans are already squealing with delight at the announcement that Sir Derek Jacobi will guest-star during the third series as a character called The Professor. However, The Sun reports that the Doctor's long-time nemesis The Master will also be putting in an appearance, which will be the climax of the series. No one has officially been signed for the part although the rumor is that the Who producers are angling for John Simms (Life on Mars).

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction series in history.

The quirky program's low-budget appearance, talented revolving cast, and complete indifference to the laws of physics have endeared it to generations of fans in the UK, and a small but dedicated fanbase in the U.S. With the return of the series to the BBC with Russell T. Davies as the executive producer, the series got a makeover and a big jump in the FX budget, but stayed true to the twenty-plus seasons of continuity (not to mention novels and audiobooks that are not strictly canon so much as "suggested" canon). David Tennant ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," Blackpool) stars as the Tenth Doctor, and Freema Agyeman (The Bill, Crossroads) portrays his new companion, Martha Jones. The program is set to return this spring, with a rumored return to the SciFi Channel this summer.