The 'net is hot tonight with the word that David Greenwalt is no longer with the production of CBS's Moonlight.  The Hollywood Reporter says Greenwalt is leaving the show due to "personal, health reasons."  This comes as a shock to fans who greeted the announcement that Angel alum Greenwalt was on the project.
  Greenwalt has previously expressed his enjoyment in working with the series, but many changes have come down lately and this may be a result of the stress brought about by those changes.  Since the pilot, the name has changed, the female lead has been recast, and the largest supporting male character was also recast.  The show is shooting now, and while the official word is that Greenwalt's departure isn't expected to affect the schedule, it can't help.  Moonlight is looking at a midseason premiere, though if it undergoes any more changes before release, it may end up being a series we all watch on DVD.