Recently resuscitated series Jericho will be put in the Friday-at-nine slot for CBS' summer lineup, reports Variety. As of July 6th, fans and newcomers alike can tune in to catch up on the scrappy little show that could, beginning with the pilot.  Readers who prefer even more instant gratification can go directly to the CBS website and watch the entire series online (commercials included).
  Jericho will be returning as a midseason replacement with an order for seven episodes to wrap up the storylines left after the climactic season finale.  Hordes of fans complained when the show was axed, sending in cards, emails and thousands of bags of nuts, and in a nearly unprecedented move, they won its reprieve.

Jericho tells the story of a small town in Kansas as it pulls together after a nuclear holocaust annihilated the rest of the country.  Its primary draw is in the quirky yet complex characters thrown together by the calamity.