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Review -- Burn Notice: "Fail Safe"
Ariel Ponywether
Ariel Ponywether has been a fan of The Simpsons since the first time Bart was ten. 
By Ariel Ponywether
Published on 12/16/2011
Time runs out for the team as Anson tries to convince Michael to burn a fesh team or him, ensnaring Jesse in the ensuing FBI mission, and Sam and Fiona try to find the last bit of evidence proving Fiona's innocence in the bombing.

As the clock ticks...

Michael manages to undercover Anson’s secret cover ID, but even then the older man is able to use his powers of seductive evil to avoid meeting an immediate death.While Michael goes on a dangerous mission with Pearce and a new team of FBI cohorts, Sam and Fiona break into a warehouse Anson’s maintaining, where the last bit of evidence proving Fiona’s innocence in the bombing is being held.As hope slips away, the team is ultimately left with two options; turning Fiona in and ridding Anson of his hold over Michael, or burning Michael’s team so Anson can have fresh muscle.

This was one dark, sad episode, and seeing the terminally self-reliant and capable Team Westen flounder around as they one-by one found themselves captured by circumstance throws a new twist into the show, as tough to watch as it was, giving it back a ton of edge, which it had been sorely lacking in the last season.So the theme of loss and death within it has progress to include with the ultimate loss for Michael.

Yet one thing finally sprung to life; Michael and Fiona’s on-again/off-again love.Their devotion is real and true, at last, and at a tragically inopportune time – Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar sell the passion and anguish of the two lovers with every fiber in their beings.Their final scene for the season was dealt with using the highest form of dramatic poetry and the saddest slow-motion shot the sho’s ever used.

So much is left unsolvedthis season – Michael’s FBI job continues, Anson is still alive, and his relationship with Fiona is solid but threatened.It’s the least-resolved cliffhanger for Burn Notice in the history of its existence.Apparently, Michael’s going to be coming from a much ‘darker place’ next season.After watching ‘Fail Safe’, it’s easy to see why.

Grade: A+