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Review -- Burn Notice: "Depth Perception"
Ariel Ponywether
Ariel Ponywether has been a fan of The Simpsons since the first time Bart was ten. 
By Ariel Ponywether
Published on 12/2/2011
Michael had no idea how deep the rabbit hole really goes when he's forced to team up with Anson to save Sam's friend Beatriz.

No woman left behind...

The worm turns as Michael’s forced to team up with Anson to take down a Russian spy who was recently exposed by Sam’s old friend Beatriz - a man who’s been trying to kill her ever since.Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse help smoke out a ruthless banker and summarily help him fake his death.

Much of the tension that’s been missing from the show these past few weeks returned with this episode.There’s a lot of emotional punch in the Beatriz/Sam storyline, but it’s stuff that only carries that extra punch if you watched The Fall of Sam Axe this spring.For what it is, the drama is well-acted and transcendent, and there’s genuine suspense in Beatriz dilemma.We care about her because Sam sincerely does so.Yet I think the attempted executions could have a bit more flair to them – maybe a poisoning or a shooting after a constant diet of sharpshooting to mix things up?But who really cares when the story’s so emotionally involving.

I shan’t spoil this episode’s huge twist, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up being subjected to a retcon in the future.Anson continues to be an eerie figure to watch, and it’s refreshing to see Michael – who frankly spent several seasons being able to god-mode his way out of trouble – completely out of his depths psychologically.

An excellently written outing with some solid action moments.If the show could only pick itself up during those slow stretches between the premier and the season finale, it would be made.

Letter Grade: A-