This week, Michael and Jesse avenge the death of Michael’s childhood best friend while Fi and Sam use unconventional means to track Anson down to his lair.

Now THIS is more like it.Peeping into Michael’s past and childhood is always fertile ground for the show – so fertile that Sam and Jesse’s childhoods should be upended in a similar way to bring forth equally juicy storylines.Vulnerable and angry – sometimes at the same time – Jeffrey Donovan gives us the full range of his capabilities, and they’re pretty solid.The storyline chugs along, incorporating Andre and Ricky, Michael’s childhood friends, whom we met in Season 2.While the gang-and-drugs baseline storyline is clichéd and even worthy of a raised eyebrow, it’s delivered capably.

Even better, the show’s finally found a way to showcase Coby Bell properly.

That doesn’t stop the show from indulging in the occasional howler; Sam’s corporate cover ID and Michael’s ludicrous accent, to name two.Yet with one scene – Fiona and Sam’s trackdown of Anson, which involves a high-speed drive to the top of a parking structure – encapsulates everything that is Burn Notice at its best.

Jere Burns also continues to shine as the wicked Anson.He gets more and more creepy as the weeks go on, with somewhat of a cult leader vibe to him.

Another non-essential but amusing diversion added to the Burn Notice canon, with solid work by Sharon Gless and Jeffrey Donovan making the ride even more enjoyable.