Coming back out of the summer hiatus, Michael is firmly under Anson’s thumb thanks to the man’s threatening to use falsified information to send Fiona to jail.On his orders, Michael travels to Puerto Rico with Fiona to extract a hacker with the clearance and wherewithal to create a virus heavy-duty enough to take down the CIA’s computers – Michael will then be expected to plant said virus using his newly-gained clearance, or else.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse train Madeline to take apart and extract information from a police computer in the hope of discovering just what Anson has on Fiona.

A surprisingly dull half-season opener, “Damned if You Do”has a couple of good moments (The forklift scene, all of the stuff centering around Jesse and Sam’s attempt to teach Maddie about computers and Jesse’s quick thinking), but overall there’s a feeling of sameness to it.Anson is a great baddie, but I should be feeling his menace more thoroughly, and I’m getting so tired of the ‘Michael helps extradite a socially awkward hacker to do his bidding’ plots.Hopefully, this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Letter Grade: C