Michael and Fiona head to a tropical island together to extract a bioweapons expert for Agent Pearce.Meanwhile, Jesse and Sam extract information from an arms dealer to get the goods on Max’s assassin.

I’ve heard this one touted on various forums as the ‘best episode ever’, and I can see why that appellation has been used.A smartly-edited action slam-bang, with perfectly placed humor (that tango scene!), “Better Halves” is sensual and light-hearted while giving just enough space for the surprisingly serious Sam and Jesse subplot.

Charisma Carpenter works very well as a disgruntled, lonely trophy wife who just wants her guy to pay attention to her, and who eventually emerges from her shell thanks to Fiona.Even though most of the universe is sick of the Mike/Fi see-saw, at least they both had compelling reasons to feel the way they did, as Michael was focused on finally clearing his name and Fiona wanted some sort of alone time with him due to her insecurity about the relationship.But when it counts, they’re one singular, solid, fearless unit, as amply displayed by the dueling guns scene.

Well, the chips are down for the season finale, with Pearce trying to take in Michael and his team as accomplices to Max’s murder and Sam and Jesse holding the assassin at bay.I sense it’s going to be a long fall as we wait for November.

Thumbs Up.