Kredit Kookies: Flyby: Homer on a flying rug; Billboard: Nelson’s mother with a “special Mother’s Day deal: I’m half-off.”Chalk Board: “I Do Not Deserve a Mother’s Day Gift” for being “one badass mother.”Couch Gag: An Extended Couch Gag in which the Simpsons break into the Smithsonian to sit on their own couch.

Homer discovers he’s got a latent talent for cutting hair, but his booming business leads him to discover that being Springfield’s best hairdresser has its drawbacks.Meanwhile, Lisa grows jealous of Milhouse’s new relationship with a fifth grader after rejecting his overture of romance.

After Bart wrecks her portrait of Patty and Selma, Lisa pitches a palette of paint at her brother, only to have it boomerang back and strike one of her artist models, Patty, right in the hair.When Bart ‘solves’ the problem with paint thinner, they call in Homer to assist; when he discovers he’ll be blamed, he tries to fashion Patty’s hair into a stylish cut, which he does with great skill.It’s discovered that ever since he lost his hair, he’s been obsessed with styling that of others.Soon, he has his own booming salon, but the idle chitchat of his desperate clients soon taints his image of his friends and drives Homer to stress out.

Meanwhile, after watching the beginning of Finding Nemo, Milhouse realizes life is short and declares his feelings for Lisa.Lisa rejects him, and he finds solace in the arms of a fifth grader named Taffy.Lisa, suspicious of the girls’ motives, starts following the pair, but could she still harbor secret feelings for Milhouse.

A surprisingly excellent episode, “Homer Scissorhands”takes some very interesting turns.The A-plot is surprisingly inspired; Homer has a secret, financially exploitable talent, but the plan has a fatal weakness that results in a reversion to status quo. The show’s done this before, but not quite as well as it does it here. For the first time in a very long time, Homer is shown not just as an amiable, violence-prone goof, but as an intelligent and even crafty sort of guy, who loves his wifeabove all things, even money. The stressors that lead to his decision to leave also make sense for Homer.

And as for the b-plot, let’s hope that this is a permanent change for the endless stalemate of the Lisa/Milhouse relationship.Kids this young change loyalties every time they turn around, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see that they’re not even friends in the next episode.I loved that Taffy wasn’t portrayed as an evil, cold-hearted shrew.

An above-average episode.

Letter Grade: A

Next Episode: The Simpsons find a bunch of keys that fit every lock in Springfield and decide to try them all in ‘’500 Keys”.