Bart goes to the movies when Angry Dad is turned into an Oscar-winning short feature in this week’s episode, ‘Angry Dad: the Movie’.

Kredit Kookies: Flyby: Santa’s Little Helper catching a Frisbie.Short Open.Couch Gag: The Simpsons are hockey players whose brawl is broken up by Lenny and Carl – they end up stuffed together in a penalty box.

Greatness falls once again upon the shoulders of the Simpson clan when Bart’s digital short ‘Angry Dad’ is bought up by a furniture conglomerate who decides to make a movie to make further profit from the character.Homer ends up voicing Angry Dad with Bart playing the role of supervising producer and, when the feature is cut down to short-length via a suggestion from Lisa and starts picking up momentum during awards season, hijacks every single acceptance speech.When Bart is nominated for an Oscar, he doesn’t tell his parents about the nomination and sends Homer and Marge off on a scavenger hunt in the hope of having a speech of his very own.

This episode contains many of the things I dislike about modern-day Simpsons episodes; a slew of guest voices that don’t have strong ties to the plot, Jerkass!Homer characterization and a somewhat outsized plot.

But somehow, between the old-fashioned house-destroying opening and the touching final speech, the character of Bart makes a nexus that holds the entire experience together.He’s endearingly bratty here, with Homer nearly shining as brightly once his scenes stop focusing exclusively on his screaming.The affectionate parodies of various well-known cartoons was incredibly enjoyable (the spot-on take on Wallace And Gromit came from the studio that originally produced those award-winning shorts); the cheeky takes on Pixar Studio’s various franchises weren’t anything new, but were innocuously enjoyable.

It’s worth noting that there are many, many cameos in this episode, but they were all amusing, and none really detracted from the show at large (Russell Brandt’s brief appearance was a highlight among these).Gervaise’s meandering segments were played for the right sort of humor – poking fun at his public persona.As for the affectionate poke at the Pixar crew for their awards-season dominance and apparent competitiveness, I wish it had been sharper and more vicious; the episode lacked real antagonism, as Bart coasts from victory to victory with only a mild threat from the Mixar crew.I really liked the final scenes, with their sense of humility mixed with cheeky acidic twist; so much of the dialogue works, and works beautifully, without denigrating the center of the movie.A great episode.

Letter Grade: B+

Next Episode: Will take place the week after next due to the Grammy Awards.