Here’s a quick note that The Bionic Woman is now available on DVD courtesy of Universal Home Entertainment. And no, I’m not talking about the remake series that aired on NBC back in 2007. I’m referring to the original series that starred Lindsay Wagner as the adventurous Jaime Sommers who taught grade school by day but also had a part-time gig as an OSI special agent.

The story goes that Jaime got into a skydiving accident and sustained terrible injuries. With the help of Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson) and Dr. Rudy Wells (Martin E. Brooks) at the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) Jaime was given bionic implants in her legs, right arm and right ear. The implants gave her special abilities such as increased running speed, enhanced strength in her right arm and super-sensitive hearing in her right ear. Jaime would work as a school teacher on an army base but OSI would tap her for special missions where her bionics would come in handy.

During my younger years in the 1980s I would watch the reruns of this gorgeous blonde running at super speed (but slowed down so we could see her fabulous golden mane bouncing in the breeze), taking on goons that were immediately floored that they were busted by a mere woman, and occasionally getting into romantically tense entanglements when a certain Six Million Dollar Man (Lee Majors) would drop in for a visit.

I had such an admiration for Jaime and a crush on the actress that portrayed Jaime, Lindsay Wagner. Still do, really.
If you never checked out The Bionic Woman I would suggest that you try an episode or two. Sure the effects are pretty dated since this show was filmed back in the late 1970s but Ms. Wagner is a powerful lead actress and the chemistry between Wagner and her co-stars is very entertaining. At least, from what I remember it was very entertaining.

Okay, now that I’m done gushing about how much I loved this vintage show here are the DVD stats:

The Bionic Woman Season One set is comprised of four discs and all thirteen episodes from the first season.

A featurette called “Bionic Beginnings” with series star, Lindsay Wagner, sharing her memories and experiences from the show.

Two bonus Six Million Dollar Man episodes that give more insight into Jaime’s origins.

Audio commentary from series creator and director, Kenneth Johnson.

Gag Reel.

Photo Gallery.

Released from Universal Home Entertainment on October 19, 2010.

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