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'V''s Return Taking Some Hits; Will We See the Series Survive?
barbara mountjoy
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By barbara mountjoy
Published on 10/20/2010
"V," the alien invasion tale reborn last year on ABC, shows more signs that the network isn't willing to make it happen...

Was it broke? Why do they keep trying to fix it?
"V," the alien invasion tale reborn last year on ABC, shows more signs that the network isn't willing to make it happen.

The original fall debut of the returning show had been rumored for early November, with the return of original "V" star Jane Badler a major draw for nostalgia buffs. But this week ABC kicked the show to a January opening, according to Entertainment Weekly. Not exactly the kind of move that shows confidence in such an expensive program.

If that wasn't enough, the network, balancing the program against the spring return of big ratings winner Dancing With the Stars, has now cut the number of planned episodes from thirteen to ten.

As fans will remember, last season the show premiered in a huge fanfare, then disappeared after November until January, amid the flurry of a change of showrunners and other hubbub, leaving its future in doubt even then.

So stay tuned, "V" fans, and let's hope that the network decides to run the show at all in the 2010-2011 season.