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Firefly returning? Could it really happen?
barbara mountjoy
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By barbara mountjoy
Published on 06/21/2010
The self-confessed "News for Nerds" site Nerdies reports this week that Syfy is seriously considering the resurrection of Joss Whedon's Firefly...

Now that's downright shiny...
The self-confessed "News for Nerds" site Nerdles reports that Syfy is considering bringing back Joss Whedon's Firefly, nearly eight years after it was cancelled by FOX.

Since most of the actors who played main characters have moved on to other series--Nathan Fillion's Castle has just been renewed, Morena Baccarin has V coming back in the fall, Summer Glau has The Cape in the fall, Adam Baldwin shines in Chuck -- there might be some casting issues. But the unnamed source speaks about the possibility of a movie, or a prequel, like the one the Trek franchise did.

Browncoats, stay tuned for further developments!