Need more stories about the crew of Joss Whedon's Serenity? Check out these upcoming comics from Dark Horse: The Shepherd's Tale and Serenity: Float Out.

The first, written by Whedon in collaboration with younger brother Zack, tells the mystery story Browncoats have been longing to know since Firefly was cancelled: Who was Shepherd Book really? Why did he seem to know much more than a simple shepherd should about the Alliance, combat and many other things?

"You will see Book's full trajectory" in The Shepherd's Tale," Whedon told Comic Book Resources. "How he became the man he was in the show and who he was previous to that. It takes you deep into his past. You really get to see the entire evolution of this man.


The Shepherd's Tale comes out in November.

Serenity: Float Out is written by Caprica actor Patton Oswalt, and takes place after the events of the movie Serenity. A group of Wash's friends set out to christen and launch a new ship, hence the "float-out", and share stories about Wash, so that the reader learns more of his back story.

Oswalt's graphic novel is due out in June 2010.

These two projects join two other graphic novels in the Dark Horse Firefly/Serenity family, Serenity: Those Left Behind from 2005, which filled in the gap between the series and the movie, and Serenity: Better Days in 2008, which takes the crew on a wild ride, taking a heist that just might make them rich for good.