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Review of Supernatural Season 5 Premier: Sympathy For The Devil
Kirsten Lyall
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By Kirsten Lyall
Published on 10/10/2009
What I think of the Season 5 Premier of Supernatural!

What a way to open a season premier episode AC DC Sympathy for the Devil.

This was played over the season four refresher, reminding the viewers of the big players and happenings throughout season four.


It opens up right where season four finished – Sam has opened the final seal by killing Lilith, and now Lucifer has arrived. Dean has joined him in an attempt to stop it, but he’s stopped by Ruby. There is a blinding light, and before the boys know it they are onboard a crashing plane.


New season five credits play, which now feature very red blood exploding out at the viewer. Does this mean a lot of deaths this season? More than likely, considering the apocalypse has started.


The boys, now safe from the crashing plane, make their way to Prophet Chuck’s house. Chuck is one of the best new characters from the last season, and I hope he’s around a lot more. He brings a well needed dose of humour back to the show.


He tells them that Castiel, or Cas as he is now known, is dead. They are just processing this piece of news when Zachariah appears, announcing that Dean has to come with them. He also informs them that Lucifer needs a body to ride around in: aka, a meat suit.


Using a trick he learned from Cas, Dean sends Zachariah back to wherever he came from. But the assembled group know it will only be a temporary measure.


The boys find one of their usual unsavoury hotel rooms, where Sam says that he isn’t craving Ruby’s blood. He tries to apologise to Dean for everything that has transpired over the past number of months, but Dean isn’t ready to hear it.


Next, we meet a guy named Nick. He’s having strange visions, like waking up to find his bed covered in blood, but when he climbs out and puts the light on, the bed is clean. A bloody woman appears in bed beside him, telling him that he’s special, and that he’s chosen. She vanishes just as quickly as she appeared.


A woman is seen sitting at her computer, writing wincest, the very disturbing section of supernatural fanfiction that features Dean and Sam as a couple. Chuck appears on the monitor and asks her to do him a favour. He’s being watched, and he needs some help. He needs her to go to Dean and Sam and rely a message.


What follows is one of the funniest scenes in the movie, obviously meant to show the ridiculousness of some of the more deluded members of the fandom who believe that Dean and Sam are truly together.


She passes on the message, which is that they must locate the Michael Sword, and she gives them the cryptic way of tracing it.


Bobby shows up. He gives them the lore on Michael. Even though Dean states that he looks like Cate Blanchett, Bobby informs them that this is the toughest archangel there is. Sam tells Bobby the full truth about Lilith being the final seal, and that he is the one who has brought this entire thing to pass. Bobby lays into him, and tells him that if they survive this, he never wants to see Sam again. 


Devastated at being abandoned by his father figure, Sam takes off, leaving Bobby alone with David.


Bobby and Dean start going through his set of books, when Bobby tells him that John had been right. Perhaps if they had killed Sam long ago, they might have been able to avoid this.


Dean has a brain wave. He realises that his dad had the Michael Sword along, in a lock up in New York.  


Bobby suddenly attacks him, right before his eyes turn jet black. They are joined by a young woman and her big male lackey. Dean realises he’s face to face with the newly formed Meg, back to create more strife. She’s very happy with Sam for starting the apocalypse, but informs Dean that he’s standing in the way of total victory.


Meg tells a possessed Bobby to kill Dean, but somewhere inside, the real Bobby manages to fight back and stabs himself in the stomach to avoid hurting Dean, who immediately goes after the lackey, beating him to a pulp. Just then, Sam turns up and gets into a fight with Meg. She manages to get free long enough for the spirit of Meg to leave her body.


We go back to Nick, who is grieving for his lost family. He’s alone in a nursery, when the cradle begins to move on its own. Then he hears a baby crying. The source is a baby monitor, so he heads to the baby’s cot. There he looks on in horror as blood pours over the mattress and onto the floor. Unable to hold his emotions in anymore, he collapses in a wave of tears.


Dean and Sam get Bobby to hospital before heading to the lock up in New York to get the Michael Sword. Not knowing what to expect, they enter the building fully armed. They get inside and find two bodies on the floor.


Zachariah appears before them. He’s more than a little unimpressed that Dean told the demons where to find the Michael Sword through Bobby. It’s then he announces that Dean is in fact the Michael Sword, meaning that he has been chosen as Michael’s vessel. When Dean says no to giving Michael control of his body Zachariah cripples Sam. Dean continues to refuse, and he is told that Bobby will die. Dean is then given stomach cancer, before he makes Sam lose the use of his lungs.


Zachariah  announces that he is just getting started when there is a bright light behind him. There, he finds Castiel. Zachariah is beyond shocked, as he had believed he was dead. When he realises he’s not going to win this one, Zachariah makes the Winchesters well again before vanishing.


Castiel puts his hands on both boys chests, branding their ribs with a protection seal which will hide them from every angel in creation, Lucifer included.


Back at Nick’s, he sees his wife, who has been possessed by Lucifer. She tells him he is a vessel, and that she needs to take control of his body and soul. Nick doesn’t believe her, and tells her that he wants to wake up. She tells him that he has to invite him in.


She explains that she isn’t as bad as people think. Her only crime was that she loved God too much, and for that she was punished. She knows of Nick’s past, that his wife and child were murdered in their homes. God made this happen, and now she wants to help Nick get justice, and for all the other people who have been hurt and betrayed by God.


After taking this in for a few moments, he agrees. The house envelops in a bright white light.


Back in Bobby’s hospital room, he doesn’t take the news that he is unlikely to walk again very well, shouting at the messenger. Dean and Sam are with him, asking for his advice. Dean tells him that he is going to kill the devil and anyone else who gets in their way, but he’s determined to do it their way.


Before the brothers leave, Bobby tells Sam that the demon was talking before, and that he isn’t cutting him out of his life. Sam smiles, happy that he has his friends love and support again.


Outside the hospital, Dean and Sam have a heart to heart. Dean tells his brother that they don’t stand a chance. He tells Sam that everything isn’t all right between them, and it will never be again. He’s mad that he chose a demon over his brother. He knows Sam is sorry for everything that has happened, but he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to forgive and forget. He doesn’t think they will ever be what they were, and that he doesn’t think he can trust him.


This was an awesome opening for the new season, and I can’t wait to find out what Eric Kripke has in store for us.