The story is pretty simple. A group of Mardi Gras party people have a hit and run. With the car smashed and cell phone signals weak in that part of the highway the youngins aren’t sure how they’re gonna help themselves or the poor sap caught under the hood.

Luckily, an ambulance rolls on by and offers medical assistance. Turns out the orderlies (Michael Bowen and Robert LaSardo) recognize the victim as a runaway patient. The kids ride in the ambulance to Mercy Hospital where they hoped to get examined by the good doctor David Benway (Robert Patrick).

Unfortunately, the kids discover that the only things Dr. Benway is good at is mutilation and mayhem.

I dare say this is probable the goriest film in the Horrorfest III collection. We’re talking scooped out craniums, cart loads of dismembered limbs, stabbings, pukings, and one of the most bizarre operations I have ever seen in the history of horror movies. Let’s just say it gives new meaning to the term “open heart surgery”.

Open Up And Say Ahh? You Wouldn't Believe How Often My Dates Ask Me To Do That. - Emily (Jessica Lowndes)

The “survivor girl” in Autopsy is Emily (Jessica Lowndes). She was the one at the wheel so she’s the one that’s the most freaked out, at first. Then when she begins to suspect that her boyfriend, Bobby (Ross Kohn), might be experiencing some malpractice she goes on the hunt for him. The other two canon fodder candidates are cute Clare (Ashley Schneider) and foreign dude Dmitriy (Arcady Golubovich). My ticket was on Jude (Ross McCall) who has the right idea to run away from the place unlike Emily who chooses to search for her boyfriend in the cavernous halls of Mercy Hospital.

The cast of villains includes the two questionable orderlies that seem to have a very easy time turning a blind eye to Dr. Benway’s sinister activities and don’t let Nurse Marian (Jenette Goldstein) trick you with her Southern charms. You’ll regret it in the morning, fer sure.
First thing I loved about this movie is the cast. Autopsy includes some impressive actors that have starred in some fine films.
Robert LaSardo’s tattooed self has been in a number of crazy flicks like Death Race and Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies and tv shows like The X-Files and CSI. Michael Bowen had no problem scrubbing in again since he did such an amazing job as the infamous “Buck” in Kill Bill: Volume I. The biggest casting fluke has got to be the pairing of Jenette Goldstein and Robert Patrick who kind of shared the same body (digitally speaking) in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The special features include an alternate ending, a behind the scenes featurette and more webisodes from the 3rd Annual Miss Horrorfest competiton. The making of documentary is pretty thorough as the stars, Adam Gierasch (director) and producers talk about the story, getting the film made and the make-up effects that brought Autopsy to life.

My only disagreement is with Jessica Lowndes over the realism of her character “Emily”. I’m sorry, but if it was me I woulda bucked it out of there the minute I smelled something fishy. Good thing I wasn’t cast or the movie would’ve been really, really short.

I also liked Adam Gierasch. He seems to have a good scary head on his shoulders and I look forward to his next hair-raising endeavor. I also liked that he borrows some things from his mentors such as Dario Argento’s use of color. You’ll notice that Gierasch utilizes a variety of hues to make the visuals more vibrant. This is most evident in the hallway scenes where the overhead lights are red, green, and yellow. It really does help to make things more surreal. Like entering Mercy Hospital is like entering a pocket hell dimension.

Um, Sorry No Thighs. I Can Throw In A Couple Of Extra Legs, Though. - Scott (Robert LaSardo)

The cast make a good point that Autopsy succeeds on playing on our base fears about hospitals. I am definitely one of those that are kinda wary of doctors and how reassuring to watch a movie that features a physician that hacks up his patients for body parts while the staff assist in his ghoulish experiments. Mercy Hospital is certainly no Seattle Grace. Paging McSteamy? More like "Paging McBloody".

If ya like gore you’ll like Autopsy. If hospitals give you the wiggins then Autopsy will make you even more paranoid of ERs and ORs. This is definitely worth your time if you like ample amounts of blood and gore with less filling.

Part of the After Dark Films "Horrorfest III: 8 Films To Die For" Series