I’m really not trying to be cute or clever here.  This episode was an extremely dark, sad and traumatic episode for many fans.  My intent here is to inject some much-needed levity into my review.   If you’re not ready for that, you may not want to read on.

All Rise! This session of Divorce Court is now in session.  The Honorable Judge Beaver presiding in the case of Winchester V. Winchester.

Judge Beaver: These two are brothers.  What are they doing in my courtroom?  Can someone here explain what’s going on between these two Idjuts?

Your Humble Reviewer: I can!

JB: Keep it short.  We’ve got an apocalypse coming.

YHR: Last week Dean caught Sam drinking demon blood, so he locked him in a salt-lined panic room to detox.  This week, Sam’s detox isn’t going too well.  First he hallucinates being tortured by Alistair, is then confronted by a younger version of himself,  and then imagines Dean calling him a monster and finally sees his mother tell him that he was right and Dean is too weak to kill Lilith.

Meanwhile, outside the not-so padded room, the last of the 66 seals are crumbling in the absence of angels to stop them.  Bobby puts forth the idea that detoxing Sam might not be the best solution if he’s the only one who can fight Lilith.  So Dean turns to the one guy he thinks might be able to give him the strength to end things so that Sam doesn’t have to: Castiel.

Dean agrees to be Heaven’s altar boy.  But while he’s not looking, Castiel lets Sam out of his prison.  Sam goes jonesing for demon blood off the street.  Meanwhile when Anna confronts Castiel, he turns her in to the other angels.

Sam meets up with Ruby, but Dean tracks them down.  He and Sam get into a massive fight.  Sam breaks Dean’s nose and nearly chokes him to death.  Instead he leaves.  As he’s walking out the door Dean tells him (In an echo of John’s words when Sam left for college) that if he leaves, he shouldn’t bother coming back. 

JB: I see that you’re using this extended metaphor because this was more like a divorce than a fracturing of a family.

YHR: Yes sir, Judge.  Sam and Dean still love each other, and they’re both working toward the same goal.  They just disagree on the best way to achieve that goal.

JB: Violently so.

YHR: It doesn’t help that the angels and demons are pulling their strings and making them dance like Pinocchio.

JB: What is your most outrageous theory for what is going to happen next week?

YHR: Anna will be God.  Just like Alanis Morissette in Dogma.  And when Lucifer walks free, he’ll look like David Bowie and abandon hell to run a piano bar.

JB: Someone has been reading Gaiman again.

YHR: You asked me the least plausible one.  Actually, I think Sam and Dean will both be possessed by the powers that hold their strings and they’ll be fighting an apocalyptic mano a mano.  But that’s just my speculation.

JB: Let’s get this over with then.  Dean gets the Dean Girls, the Impala and the angels.  Sam gets the laptop the Sam Girls and the demons.  I’m placing the DeanNSamgirls, Wincesters and the rest of the fans who won’t choose in the custody of Bobby.  Case dismissed!

I promise to get back to the standard review format next week!