In a move rife with hypocrisy, online retail giant Amazon has begun de-listing titles that feature GLBT themes, citing fears about "adult" materials.  Author Mark Probst found his YA novel The Filly, a coming of age gay romance, had lost its Amazon sales ranking.  The ranking is used to generate best seller lists and search results.  For example, Erastes' Transgressions, a gay historical romance, no longer appears in a search on the terms "transgressions erastes."  Other books which have lost their rankng include The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students, Brokeback Mountain, and Heather Has Two Mommies.  A list is being kept here.  Some of these books can still be found with searches, others are buried.  Meanwhile, although some heterosexual erotica is being stripped of its ranking (like Anne Rice's The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty), thinly-veiled porn such as the Anita Blake books retain their ranking.

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