Director, John Gulager, present yet another outrageous and messy episode in the Feast saga. We first met the mysterious monsters in a bar as they gobbled up all the patrons save for a couple of survivors. Feast II: Sloppy Seconds presented a new cast of fresh meat desperately trying to find a way out of the monster infested town. Feast III – The Happy Finish picks up right where Feast II left off.

The rooftop survivors successfully catapulted Thunder (Martin Klebba) from towards the bank. Unfortunately, Thunder undershot the target and landed in the street where the beasts promptly tore him to shreds. Now the survivors have to concoct a hasty “Plan D” to get down from the roof and out of the cursed town.

Most of the surviving cast from Feast II are here including Biker Queen (Diane Goldner), Secrets (Hannah Putnam), Lightning (Juan Longoria Garcia), and Slasher (Carl Anthony Payne II). The Bartender (Clu Gulager) and Honey Pie (Jenny Wade) manage to endure through the first two movies to wrestle the foul beasts yet again in Episode# 3. Notable new faces are John Allen Nelson as “S**tkicker” (am I the only one that remembers him from the 1987 flick, Hunk?) and Craig Henningsen as “Jean Claude Seagal”. Meanwhile, Tat Girl (Chelsea Richards) gets upgraded from gratuitous nudity girl to gratuitous nudity girl with dialogue (and hammers. Yay!).

Feast III is more of the same and, in my humble opinion that is a very good thing. Expect the beasts to continue skulking and chasing their weary prey around the deserted town. Again, the diverse group of bikers and civilians try to work together to outwit their attackers but that usually ends up making the situation worse. And the ones who don’t make it are dispatched in the usual wild and bloody ways that Feast fans are accustomed to.

The new stuff under the sun is a new breed of beast (that’s one birth you won’t soon forget), a sewer dwelling cult and the debut of a cloaked stranger (Josh Blue) who possesses a peculiar power over the beasts.

Special features include a director / producer commentary and a documentary highlighting John Gulager’s “Project Greenlight” experience. I would’ve preferred a behind the scenes look at all the wacky effects instead of listening to Mr. Gulager go on and on about his adventures in Hollywood but oh well. Someone might find his meeting with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez educational.

The Feast series is one of the best “horredies” to come around in a long time and Feast III: The Happy Final continues the trend. An entertaining, gross and campy riot that is so silly it comes out looking genius. Evil Dead, Pink Flamingo and general "camp" fanatics should add this to your rental queue.