Dear Moonlight:

I'd like to have my teeth back, if you can find them. It seems only fair, since you kicked them out with this episode.

Respectfully yours,


That about sums it up. What? You want an actual review? Oh fine!

This episode starts with Josh in his office, trying to cut a deal with a drug lord known for killing the families of anyone who tries to prosecute him. He's less than intimidated until a couple of hired thugs rough him up and warn him that Beth is next.

Meanwhile, Mick has gone to Beth for help with checking out the vial of blood that he took from Coraline. Since the idea of a vampire cure is a touchy subject, he'd like to keep things under the radar of the vampire community. The two of them make plans to meet at a local lab where Beth has contacts and have the blood analyzed.

Just then Josh shows up needing to talk to Beth. Mick makes himself scarce, and Josh tells Beth that he plans to recuse himself from the case to protect her because she's been marked. Beth refuses to let Josh follow through with his plan, and instead Josh calls for a tactical team to protect her.

The two of them spend the night together. It's interesting that for the second week in a row, Beth stands someone up: whereas last week (as is usually the case), Josh took a backseat to Mick and Beth's work. This time it's Mick that's being stood up. And it doesn't look like the Vampire likes playing second fiddle.

Mick returns to Beth's house, where she greets him at the door in Josh's t-shirt, leaving no doubts as to why she stood Mick up. Josh asks Mick to protect Beth and then goes out to arrest the drug lord, Tejada, at his daughter's quinceañera. Although the show calls it her sweet sixteen party, the trappings are those of a traditional Latin American fifteenth birthday celebration.

For anyone who doesn't know the significance behind a quinceañera, Josh may as well have arrested Tejada at his daughter's wedding. It's that important.  The drug lord is furious and calls down a personal vendetta against Josh. It's not just Beth in trouble now.

Mick and Beth finally make it to the bioanalysis lab, where they find that Coraline's blood is a rare type that matches Beth's and is free of all toxins. Mick dismisses the significance by telling Beth that Coraline picked her because she'd make a tastier snack. But I still think that Coraline has a bigger fixation on Beth that hasn't been revealed yet.

Any further speculation has to be put on hold, because outside the lab, Tejada's goons take pot shots at Beth and Mick before speeding off.

Back at Beth's apartment, the tactical squad settles down for a long guard duty. Outside, Tejada's thugs grab Josh. In the confusion, Beth and Mick speed away in hot pursuit. They chase the goons to a nearby observatory and in the show-down, Josh is shot.

At this point, Mick's training from when he was a WWII military medic kicks in. He coaches Beth through trying to save Josh's life. When all mortal efforts fail, Beth asks him to bring Josh across. Mick refuses, and Josh passes on. Beth tells Mick to stay away from her.

Mick follows the tactical squad back to the station, where he intimidates one of the thugs into giving up Tejada's location. Then he takes the drug lord out vampire style.

Mick returns to Beth's side, only to find her inconsolable and still angry at him.

The good:

In the past, I've felt like the Josh character was a macguffin to keep Mick and Beth apart. He spent most of the season 'out of town,' and rarely showed up except to act jealous toward Mick when the Vampire monopolized Beth's time.

Here, Sophia Myles and Jordan Belfi do an excellent job of showing why Beth and Josh fall for one another. Both people have a strong sense of justice that they work for passionately. When Josh tells Beth that part of the reason that he loves her is that she's passionate about her work, you sense the respect that he holds for her. My one complaint is that they didn't show this more at the start of the season.

It's crucial that they establish this as part of the relationship, because it hurts so much more during Josh's death scene later. That Beth cares for Josh has been established throughout the series. Every touch or lingering look that Beth gave Mick was followed immediately by a guilty look away.

So Josh's death isn't simply the removal of a roadblock to Mick and Beth's relationship. Instead it was something akin to blowing a hole in the pavement and leaving a smoking crater behind. Now Beth is hurt and Josh, in her mind, is elevated to sainthood.

How can Mick St. John compete with St. Josh now?

The bad: Um . . . yeah. I mentioned the teeth thing, right?

The conclusion: This was a great episode. But before watching, pack your tissues and call your dentist.