"The Lost Boys: The Tribe" is the sequel we never knew we wanted.  Picking up twenty-one years later in another sleepy seaside town, the film carries on in the tradition of the Gen-X cult classic: vampires, scantily-clad teenagers undergoing a metaphorical rite of passage, and the two Coreys together again.  Corey Feldman (the Corey from "Stand By Me" and The Surreal Life) is promoting the movie over on MTV.com.
  He says his character is "edgier" than he was in the original film, and that he and screen brother Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) are the "world's greatest vampire slayers."  He says this straight-faced, in what I personally hope is a lot of irony.  Angus Sutherland appears in the film, reprising the Big Bad role that big brother Kiefer did in the first flick.  Also returning is Corey Haim, to the delight of former teenaged girls everywhere.

The trailer can be found here.  Take a look, rock out to the theme song, and remember, it was pretty awesome in 1986.