Naruto Volume 28 hits stores on March 4. That’s right, the manga where all the Naruto characters are two years older, sporting new clothes and attitudes is hitting stores less than two weeks from now. For those able to get the first print run it includes a full color poster insert as well so run to your nearest manga seller and get it before it runs out. Viz also promises to release a new volume every two months from now on.

For Naruto enthusiasts, especially those who have watched the anime or read the manga in Japanese, this should be a familiar story arc.  And those who don't speak Japanese can finally see for themselves what the new and improved Naruto cast is like. Seeing cosplayers in different-than-usual Naruto cosplay at conventions, and being informed that they are the outfits after the two-year training trip with Jiraiya will now make a lot more sense.

So go out there and find out about the new outfits, new abilities, and what is going on with Gaara and the Akatsuki in this newest volume to the Naruto series.