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I Am the Very Model of a Homo Musca Sapiens
Melissa Wilson
By Melissa Wilson
Published on 02/18/2007
Opera and genre fans rejoice: cult hit film 'The Fly' is going to become an opera ...

'The Fly' to Sing
Opera and genre fans rejoice: cult hit film 'The Fly' is going to become an opera, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Tenor Placido Domingo and film director David Cronenberg are teaming up to bring the moody short-story-to-Jeff-Goldblum-movie to life at Paris' Theatre du Chatelet. Stateside fans will get an opportunity to catch their own buzz at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion sometime next year.

The original short story by George Langelaan is a creepy little tale with the familiar theme of science meddling in things it oughtn't. A scientist ruins his life and the lives of his family (not to mention the family cat and a certain musca domestica) by messing around with matter transport. The 1986 film revamped this idea, with Jeff Goldblum as an obsessed scientist and Geena Davis as his soon-to-be-pregnant girlfriend (see 'The Fly 2 -- Still Buzzin' '). The new opera is going to be based o the original story, but since feature director Cronenberg is involved, references to the film are almost guaranteed.

Theatre du Chatelet general manger Jean-Luc Choplin said, "This work exemplifies the artistic policy of the Theatre du Chatelet, a policy intent on discovering new art forms and reaching out to new arts enthusiasts, and yet resolutely part of the current world. It is also a grand story of collaboration between Paris and Los Angeles, two leading cities for cinema."