The Knight Rider revamp will start its engines on Sunday, February 17th, according to TV Week.  The movie (read: backdoor pilot) introduces Michael Knight's estranged son Mike Tracer (Jason Bruening), who helps his ex-girlfriend (Deanna Russo) try to track down the whereabouts of her missing father (Bruce Davison), who was the inventor of the original KITT.  They take the new KITT (voiced by Will Arnett -- GOB from Arrested Development) on a high-speed adventure.
  Sydney Poitier also stars as the FBI agent who follows them.  The Mighty Hasselhoff will appear.

The new series also gets a new KITT.  NBC has released photos of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that will be the primary vehicle.  Throwing around the word "nanotechnology" and praying for some reflected "Transformers" glory, there are at least two other models that the car can shapeshift into as needed.

A new series is tentatively planned based on the premise, but NBC wil play touch and go as the numbers come in from the movie.  (The Strike is also going to play a role, as having the actors ad-lib their lines might be problematic.)